Energy Management

Energy Star® Label

For facilities that can earn the Energy Star® label, EcoMetrix develops a baseline score, analyzes current operations, and should efficiency need to be increased to qualify for the Energy Star® label, recommends systems and operational improvements to achieve the Energy Star® label.

Energy Star® Partner

Not all facility types qualify for the Energy Star® label, but an organization may join as an Energy Star® Partner, pledging to measure and reduce utility use, as well as improve the overall sustainability of the organization. EcoMetrix helps clients navigate this wide-reaching project, and helps facility owners develop programs that simultaneously reduce operating expenses while maximizing public relations value for the Energy Star® partnership.

Renewable Energy

EcoMetrix has direct experience consulting with clients on building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) projects, with special concentration on retrofits to existing facilities. From BIPV projects of less than 100kW to ground-based arrays of over 1 MW, EcoMetrix has the expertise and project management experience to efficiently and safely lead our clients through on-site electricity production projects.

Water Management


The most straightforward and economically viable process for reduction in potable water use is direct operating reductions. EcoMetrix designs programs for financially efficient fixtures upgrades and helps clients prepare procedures for reducing water use from areas such as cleaning and landscaping.


Rainwater harvesting is increasingly becoming an important and financially viable option for large facility owners to reduce their utility costs and improve their sustainability. Well drilling is another option in certain cases for avoidance of potable water use.


Graywater capture, for use in landscape irrigation as well as toilet flushing, is a proven process for water reuse and avoiding potable water waste. Often a challenge to incorporate into existing buildings, EcoMetrix analyzes its potential in all major water savings projects.