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Vivianne Hardy Townes, CFEI

Vivianne Hardy Townes

A Certified Financial Literacy Educator, Wealth Creation Tactician, Business Strategist and veteran corporate executive with 30+ years executive-level, multi-industry experience focused in strategic growth, management and operations, Ms. Townes has researched and analyzed business processes; developed and implemented strategic restructuring and reorganization of multi-million dollar companies resulting in improved cash flow, revenue generation and profit margins; and led concept and implementation teams for capital, public relations and marketing campaigns culminating in increased visibility and funding for several international organizations. An innovative, skilled problem-solver with a motivating personality, keen insight and exceptional organizational, management and communication skills, Ms. Townes is adept at "bottom-lining", synthesizing and managing the numbers to achieve successful, financially-viable outcomes.

Ms. Townes is a staunch advocate of the principle: "Money at work is infinitely more productive and profitable than people at work!", an integral theme in her financial literacy classes and presentations she conducts throughout the country as her commitment to shifting the generational wealth dynamic in disadvantaged families and communities.