About EcoMetrix Environmental Management

The Bottom Line in Sustainability

EcoMetrix focuses on designing and implementing expense-reducing strategies in a sustainable manner. EcoMetrix follows a "LEED® Plus" approach, using the LEED® rating system guidelines for our sustainability analysis, and going beyond LEED® to leverage our real estate expertise to deliver energy and water savings, renewable energy/waste stream management, messaging opportunities, and long-term value impact.

Our Programs
  • Reduce many types of controllable operating expenses
  • Create immediate efficiencies that enhance long-term asset value
  • Deliver significant results in materials & resources, water and energy

EcoMetrix offers competitive pricing tailored to each client's requirements. Project pricing is based on a scope of services for each client's specific sustainability goals. EcoMetrix emphasizes the "triple bottom line" approach: economic benefit through reduced operating expenses and enhanced value, reduced environmental impact, and improved social benefits.

The EcoMetrix Team

As members of the US Green Building Council, we use the LEED® standards and certification procedures while also utilizing the latest global technology and products available on the market. While our passion is making certain that we maintain ecological balance, our commitment is to our clients and their bottom line. We never compromise our green principles and will always make certain that being green means sustaining green in every way.